CESNET-L Information Counselor Education and Supervision NETwork - Listserv

How did CESNET-L originate?
The idea for the list emerged from a 1994 NCACES (North Central Association for Counselor Education and Supervision) lunch speaker's (John Littrell) roundtable activity where he asked attendees to discuss ideas for the future of counselor education. David Kliest (now faculty at Idaho State University) and I were at separate tables and our tables both came up with the idea of doing a listserv. We were both doctoral students at the time. I got back to my university sooner than David and told the appropriate lies to the faculty so they would sign off on the listserv project and started CESNET-L in November of 1994.
Where has the list been hosted?
The list has moved with me from The University South Carolina (as a doctoral student), to Columbus State University, now at Kent State University as its host.
What is the purpose of CESNET-L?
I do not know if there was ever a 'formal' purpose statement for CESNET-L . It has been listed as "a professional listserv for counselors, counselor educators, and supervisors", which purpose was to provide an open forum for discussion of issues and sharing of resources related to the profession.
Either will do really. The “-L” was a designator that many early listserv names used as designators that this was a listserv. So “CESNET-L” in the address let people know that this was a listserv versus someone named CESNET. In common discussion, most folks call it “CESNET”
Is CESNET-L free?
Yes, subscribing to the listserv is free.
Is CESNET-L associated with ACES
One of the misnomers of the list is that is a product of ACES (The Association for Counselor Education and Supervision). Although it came from an idea at a regional conference, it was never a membership list for ACES, nor is it run by ACES. It is open to the public and not a benefit of membership in ACES.
Is the list "managed'?
I have not had to do much managing of the members of the listserv. The members seem to take care of themselves (although, some times it's a bumpy ride). I have not had to "kick anybody off the list", although I have had to have lengthy off-list conversations with some to convince them to change their approach to the list. I have had some people threaten to leave the list because of the tone of some discussions, some have left passionately, and some of those have come back, without the same fanfare which they left.
What do you know about the members of the listserv?
Not much. Since subscribing to the listserv is anonymous and we do not gather demographics on this that subscribe, we never really know the make-up of our listserv membership. The list has steadily grown over the years and as of January 2017 we have over 3400 members. My guess is that they are primarily faculty in the role of counselor educators, a portion of doctoral students (who will be our future faculty, and some practicing counselors and supervisors.
Why did I get a "You have been automatically removed from CESNET-L" message?
The system will also automatically shut off addresses that it has been receiving error messages from. If you changed your email address, if your service provider was temporarily offline, or if your service provider ‘sees’ the listserv address as spam, your email was shut off by the listserv because it started to get "no such address" error bounce back.

The problem of dropping off the list has been on the rise with yahoo.com, aol.com, and hotmail.com, putting block for emails using their domain must originate from their servers. Listserv software includes the originator's email in the header so those services reject it, (like a 'false positive' in research). It is a way to protect spam accounts on this service, but has blocked emails from listservs unless permissions are set. After so many errors to a particular account, Listserv software drops the member.
Can the list be used for my research?
Yes, but please take a look at the link on this web site regarding Survey Requests. I hope that the information there will help you in developing a good research design and strategy.
Is there a website I can go to to manage my CESNET-L account?
You can manage your account by going to http://listserv.kent.edu/archives/cesnet-l.html
How do I change my email address that I get CESNET-L?
You can change your email address by going to http://listserv.kent.edu/archives/cesnet-l.html and selecting "Join or Leave the list (or change settings)" and entering your current information then changing the email address and selecting update.
Where can I find the CESNET-L archives?