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Netiquette on CESNET-L

Many members realize that mistakes do happen and choose to simply hit the 'delete' button when many e-mails are received that are of no interest or do not apply to them. However, if everyone would consider the guidelines above it can be a more pleasant experience for everyone!

1. CESNET-L is a listserv for counselor educators and supervisors and educators and as such the discussion should be on topics related to counselor education and supervision. If you cannot keep your posts focused on Counselor education and supervision, you will be dropped from the list without notification.

2. CESNET-L is not a public or ACES (Association for Counselor Education and Supervision) entity, and as such the Listowner has the right to monitor what is posted on the site.
The Internet provides lots of opportunity for people to ring the bell on their own personal causes in the "advancement of the profession". CESNET is not the place for that. Should you have a beef with someone, take it to them, not a public forum. The list owner doesn't have to "reserve the right" to remove someone from the list, he already has it.

3. CESNET-L will not tolerate posts that are meant to incite, slander, or claim legal issues against any person or entity. Those posts put the list and listowner at legal risk, and violate the purpose of the list. The post, the poster, and any subsequent messages will me taken off the list.

4. Similar to postal mail and emails, it is good netiquette to include your name and contact information in the signature field of your post. This will make out easier for those intending to respond directly to you to do so when they reply by using your email address

5. Please edit your replies to include relevant content from past response(s) that connects to your content. Nobody likes to receive the complete history of everyone's posts on the topic attached to your email.

6. Be sure your subject line matches the topic. If there is a sudden change in topic by you or others, make sure to change the subject line to reflect it.

7. Ensure you respond to your intended audience. Check "To:" field on your email before you press 'Send"
You have two options when responding, directly to the sender or to the entire list serve. Please note your intention before hitting send. It is important that all replies be addressed to the person or group of persons to which you actually wish to respond:
Check the "To:" or "Reply" address field before you send your response to assure that the response is going to the intended party. If your response is a request of the original person posting, you may have to put their email address in the reply field, and not send your reply to the whole group.

8. Look, before you send.
Once it is sent, you can't unsend it and I can't intervene

9. Do not send "me too" replies to the whole list

Additionally, users will become frustrated with lengthy posts/discussions that do not apply to them. If the original message required you to reply to the list, or if you are certain your comments would be of use by all, only then is it appropriate to send to the whole list..

10. If the Listowner informs you to "take this discussion off the list", do so, or he will exercise his responsibility to the list by taking you off the list.

11. Please be kind and respectful to all participants.

12. Resist temptation to flame others. Especially the list manager. This includes members of the list and members and entities who are not on the list.

13. Keep on Topic
Please keep the message on topic. Do not post messages unless they are of direct interest to the list. Do not over-quote. Include only the specific information you're responding to, and remove the rest.
Please only post responses that will add to the discussion. No need to post comments such as, “Testing”, "I agree", "I would like that also", or "thank you for responding."
Please refrain from posting commercial messages, self-promotion, or advertisements to lists.
The listserv is not a secure environment for transmittal of patient/resident information (HIPPA) nor is it suited for contractual comments/questions or other sensitive information.

14. The listserv is not to be used for seeking referral counselors in other locations. This is not a reliable or ethical way to find services for your clients and risks the possibility that you will provided identifying client information.

15. Faculty sharing resources and perhaps latest projects or publications are considered acceptable use for the listserv. For-profit businesses and practices attempting to use the list for advertising will not be permitted and will be dropped from the list.

16. Do not send or forward personal email to the list without obtaining consent of the original writer. This is a violation of privacy and copyright.

17. Do not send attachments. CESNET-L does not accept attachments.

18. Do not send administrative messages (e.g. unsubscribe requests) to the list. At the bottom of each post there are directions on how to unsubscribe to the list.

Post with any graphic format or attachments are automatically rejected by CESNET-L. We see this most often with members trying to post employment positions in PDF or as a Word attachment and with those cute little university emblems embedded in your signature, (yes, they are graphics).You should copy and past the text of the document into the message section of the email in order to post only the text.

19. You are limited to 2 posts per 24-hour period. This was established to limit someone from hijacking the list and leaving a place for everyone's voice to be heard.

Listserv are like, birth control, guns, and nuclear weapons; if you are going to use them you need to know how. Make sure you read the rules and use the list correctly.